Pret a Manger Is On A Diet

London seems to have a Pret a Manger on every single corner (seriously, there are 187 stores in London alone), making it seem almost impossible to escape their infamous star logo. For many people in the city, Pret is the most convenient place to get a caffeine fix and some lunch. 

Now, whilst Pret have always been pretty good at delivering fresh, healthy lunch options, including a good variety to accommodate for vegetarians and vegans, they’ve decided to go above and beyond in their pursuit of pleasing their health-conscious, and meat-free customers, by opening a strictly meat-free pop-up store labelled Veggie Pret.

Located on Broadwick Street in the heart of Soho, the store has been open for a few weeks now, so has had a chance to properly settle in, and judging by the outcome so far, it’s settling in very well. According to the Pret a Manger official blog, the store opened with impression it would be run at a loss - the store simply being used a trial - however, the store has actually seen it’s sales increase by 70%. I guess those veggies really bring something to the table… (Get it? Veggies to the table? Veggie-table. Vegetable… Ah, never mind). 

For those of you who aren’t veggie and perhaps look vegetarian food with skepticism, do not fear, the menu isn’t all alfalfa and falafel! There’s a whole array of sandwiches, baguettes, salad bowls, desserts, sweet treats, and healthy drinks, which aren’t too far away from what you might see inside a regular Pret; the only difference is the lack of meat.

With the store doing so well, perhaps it won’t be long until the brand decides to open more permanent veggie stores? 

Where: Veggie Pret, Broadwick St, London, W1F ODH