This is LDN's top acts from Lovebox

Lovebox 2016 has been and gone. A weekend of stellar acts, raucous dancing and vibrant summer rays. It's a weekend you need to experience to believe, Victoria Park, near Bethnal Green, truly comes alive amidst this festival of musical worship. The team at LDN presents its top acts over the 2 day weekend.

LCD Soundsystem A crash of nostalgia for the whole team, considering most of us were teens when the band were in the charts, we gawked at the stage with mixed emotions. Subtle vocals and electronical pulses of rhythm can be nothing but loved. All in all, the act finished off the festival in true style as the sun set over the horizon.

Chet Faker We've not seen so much footwork from a frontman in ages! This soft yet punchy indie act we real crowd pleasers. Perfect for the summer rays and field vibes, we've been catching up on their discography ever since.

George Clinton You probably haven't heard of Funkadelic, which is an American band that was most prominent during the 1970s. The band and its sister act Parliament, were both led by the great George Clinton. He is a well known pioneer of funk music. While he definitely brought the funk, he also brought a bit of hardcore metal into the mix. Which was an interesting sight...

Jamie Woon A team favourite, Jamie Woon has been on and off our radar for years, we last saw him perform at itunes Festival at the Roundhouse. Woon brings a tinge of  old school jazz and funk to his songs, we shamelessly busted a groove to his signature song "Night Air".