Supernatural: UK's first alcoholic juice bar.

Supernatural's latest spot has a lot going for it. Situated on the mezzanine level of Old Spitalfields market, its location guarantees a buzzing, fun atmosphere in the large open area, but is also perfectly tucked away in a corner upstairs so you don't feel lost amidst the variety of other spots. The decor is simple but effective - wooden tables, including one long, communal table at the heart of the space by the bar; soft golden lighting; various hanging plants dangling from the wooden beams overhead. 

The concept behind Supernatural is that it's the UK's first alcoholic juice bar. While it sells its signature healthy juices and food options by day, it will also sell alcoholic sidekicks by night. It's placement right by a sleek fitness studio is no coincidence - this bar is for those who workout hard and want a healthy, post workout play hard option. 

The juices are delicious and you walk away feeling like any alcoholic calories were nicely off-balanced by the excellent nutritious content. The Piña Kaleada, for example, contains fresh kale, coconut milk, kale and date syrup, citrus and smoked sea salt, and rum to spice it up. It's exactly what you'd expect from one of Supernatural's meticulously concocted juice drinks - thick, creamy, and smooth. For something with a bit more bite, there are options like the Beetrooter and Superfruit Margarita. The former features beetroot, apple, ginger, agave, lime, and grey goose vodka, with blueberries as a garnish. The latter contains acai berry, goji berry, citrus, agave nectar, mezcal and tequila. All cocktails are between £9.00-£12.00.

In addition to the incredible juices and cocktails, Supernatural offers various food options - one of the highlights for the daytime is their gourmet blueberry porridge with goat's milk and honey, while their nachos are the ideal accompaniment for evening cocktails, featuring a gluten-free cheese sauce, black bean sauce, guacamole, and chilli sauce. 

Supernatural will be revolutionising this corner of Old Spitalfields Market for three months as of the 28th September. The venue is fun, the drinks have a great twist, the staff are helpful and friendly, and there's occasionally a lovely labrador wandering around with a tennis ball. Go pre workout or post workout, or just after work for a different, more exciting evening of cocktails.