Coming up: Open House 2016

For 2016 Open House will bring Londoners over 200 brand new awe-inspiring buildings, from beautifully designed residences to innovative infrastructure projects and high-tech health facilities.

This year’s new buildings range from Salters Hall, a sneak preview of Here East to a walk exploring Brentford’s Floating High Street which links to the newly transformed industrial sheds.

There will also be a chance to win a competition to the top of ArcelorMittal Orbit, in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which is also the site of the world's tallest tunnel slide.

Open House will be a great opportunity to see, explore and learn about amazing architecture and design of London and its boroughs. Over than 750 buildings of all kinds will open their doors across London, alongside a programme of walks, engineering and landscape tours, cycle rides and experts’ talks – all for free. To find out more or to volunteer over the weekend check out more via Open City.

When: Mid September.