Review: Mumford & Sons at BST in Hyde Park

The band have been on the road for the last 15 months to promote their latest album, Wilder Mind, but now Mumford & Sons are back home and they lifted the hearts of thousands of people at British Summer Time Festival last week.

Mumford & Sons opened with “Snake Eyes” with Marcus Mumford, the lead singer, announcing: “We’ve come home, baby!” and the band followed him with the early hits “Little Lion Man” and “White Blank Page”. 

With the crowd cheering, Ben Lovett talked about their London song, “Holland Road” and thanked the fans for their support.During the set, the band used the wall behind them to display videos of themselves and the audience relishing the joyful rhythms.

Marcus took the drums a few times including on “Lover of the Light and “Dust Bowl Dance” which drove the fans crazy.

The surprise of the night wasn’t the great performance of the band but Baada Maal going on stage and performing “Si Tu Veux” from Johannesburg, his album with Mumford & Sons and The Very Best, a London-based group.

As the end of the night approached, the hit “The Cave” had a sing-along with the crowd and Marcus even went crowd surfing towards the end of the main stage area.

The band showed how powerful their songs are when they went on a small stage in the middle of the crowd and sang acoustic versions of “Timshel” and “Sister” with only one microphone and four of them. Then, they returned to the main stage for “Hot Gates” followed by “Wona” with Baada Maal, The Very Best and Beatenberg on stage.

“Never forget that you make this possible”, said Ben Lovett thanking the fans again. Emotions were high when Marcus also talked to the crowd presenting the last tunes of the night “The Wolf” after the hit “I Will Wait”:

“This is the last song we’re gonna play in England for some time. We’re very grateful and we love you so much”. 

The night ended in a show of fireworks and fans bewildered by what they just witnessed. 

Stayed tuned to find out more about British Summer Time's 2017 line up.