London A to Z: London's Best Buns!

This is the next installment of 'London A to Z", a series of posts that will chart the modern pillars of London life from A to Z. London has an obsession with buns, whether this means juicy burgers or icy ice cream buns.

Savoury buns are often overlooked, you can find these culinary treasures at London best's Asian restaurants. These steamed buns are also known as baozi, bao, humbow, nunu, bakpau, bausak and pow. If you want to sink you teeth into these fluffy pieces of joy check out these restaurants.

Bao serve up ice cream buns and other specialties such as their black cod bao, rich milkshakes and a number of specialist starter dishes dubbed  “Xiao Chi”. Visit one of their branches in Soho, Fitzrovia and Netil Market.

Hot ramen joint Shoryu has recently opened a new branch in Covent Garden. The quirky yet popular restaurant serves up buns chock full of char siu barbecue pork belly, soy marinated chicken karaage, tiger prawn tempura and grilled halloumi with shimeji mushrooms. You can have a full look at the menus here.

Founded by the acclaimed chef Ross Shonhan, after a long and inspirational trip to Japan, Flesh and Buns in Covent Garden is an ode to Japanese contemporary culture and food. Specialising in steamed buns and Japanese drinking food. The flesh on offer includes fried duck, wagyu steak and piglet belly. A great central venue for a quick bite on a Friday night.

Yum Bun is a personal favourite of the LDN team, with a plethora of choice when it comes to bun fillings. Visitors can choose to stuff their buns with chicken, pork, mushrooms, shrimps, pollack, coconut and coffee ice cream.

No matter where you choose to munch your buns, make sure you enjoy every morsel!