Hawksmoor Spitalfields - Hottest Cocktails in LDN

Hawksmoor will soon be celebrating its 10-year anniversary, thus Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar has marked the occasion by creating a number of new cocktails.

The new adittions to the menu include the Sunset Sazerac (Strawberry Cognac, Coconut Bourbon, Pineapple Bitters & Absinthe), the Shadow Boxer (Chivas 12yr, Blackberry & Maple Shrub, PX & Fernet Branca) and the Devil's Heart (Mezcal, Pomegranate Shrub, Jameson Sloe Berry Bitters, Sherry, Citrus & Merchant Heart Ginger Ale). 


If these sound like your prefect tipple, then pop down to Spitalfields ASAP!

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