Review: Maman Le Mot themed pop up

A night of spying and revelry, what else can you ask for on a warm September evening?

The team at A Place In Time have organised pop up in the past, but with a twist, each pop up is set, you guessed it, another era in time. In their latest venture it's 1943, and the French Resistance are recruiting secret agents to join the battle to liberate France. You are given the address of the super secret venue a day or so before the event, dressing up is encouraged however you don't have too. A simple stripy tee and beret will suffice.

After a quick welcome drink, you'll be given an identity card which will give you your secret persona. Guard these with your life, and always second guess your hosts, you never know what side they're on.

Though your hosts make or may not end up being tricksters, they'll dance, prance and sing up a storm! Make sure to smile and ask questions, they'll be glad to help or hinder.

Initially the light-hearted introduction to our mission and the mini games were riveting and help each team bond and gain points. However the scoring system seemed odd, especially as some teams had long to gain points as they arrived in a different time slot.

The glitzy bistro above the bunker (aka main bar) was suave but hectically busy, so much so that service was delayed to certain visitors numerous times. Customers can choose between paying for entry plus dinner or just entry, however after my experience, I wouldn't encourage a visit unless