Borderless at BAC: Interview with Mammal Hands

During August and September Battersea Arts Centre and former Roundhouse music programmers GOAT Music will collaborate to present Borderless, a series of live music gigs bringing the festival feel straight to your doorstep. 


The team at This is LDN have got the chance to interview Mammal Hands who will be performing at the festival in September. Find out more about the band via

Why did you decide to call your latest album FLOA?

The word floa is an old norse word meaning to flow or to deluge. Because our music is instrumental we like to think about the themes or ideas behind a track when we're writing. The overall feeling behind this album was sort of about journeys and movement so it fitted well with that for us. 

How long did it take you guys to complete the album?

We wrote the tracks on this album over about two years. The recording was done in two sessions, one in August and one in December so some tracks done in the second session were very new.

What tracks from other artists are you loving at the moment?

I think the answer to this would change depending on what day you asked. At the moment we're listening to a lot of Makaya Mckraven, John Coltrane Live In Japan,  Brian Finnegan's The Ravishing Genius Of Bones.

What is your favourite track on FLOA?

I think our favourite track changes quite a lot depending on what week it is. We’ve been playing the tracks live a lot recently and we’ve been discovering different things in them and new ways of approaching them so quite a few of them have been favourites at one point or another.

Who are your musical idols?

We sort of have too many to choose from, there are a lot of inspirational players and artists everywhere you look, past and present.

What tracks from other artists are you loving at the moment?

Some tunes we like at the moment are: Christian Scott - West Of The West, Tumi Mogorosi - In The Beginning and Vijay Iyer - Starlings.

Mammal Hands play Battersea Arts Centre on September 21st. Book tickets for their Borderless performance now.