Between The Sheets- London Wonderground

A quizzical parade of overtly sexual creatures. Dance in tandem with music, poetry, song and a bit of sex education. Lube up for a blaze of kinky escapades at Waterloo.

Polly Rae is our bedazzling guide; corset clinched and innuendos at the ready, the vixen that is Polly Rae will take you on a journey of splendor, pleasure and plenty of smut. 

Along with Polly is her plucky crew, her elegant personal assistant *wink wink*two rowdy males dancers, Frisky the Clown and a menagerie of burlesque dancers. This night of hedonism is not for the faint of heart, expect crude jokes, nipple tassels and tons of glitter.

But it's not all flash and dash, there was one particularly moving section with an intimate performance between the two male dancers. You almost forget about the burlesque, feats and glam. The underlying story behind the movement is love transcending barriers, which is particularly poignant in the light of  the recent atrocity in Chicago.

The highlight of the variety show was the acrobatics act near the finale. The LDN team weren't sure what was more impressive, his twisting and turning, or the fact that after his performance he could still walk in a straight line!

Do be warned there WILL be some sordid scenes, waterworks and death defying stunts by shirtless men. Sounds like your kind of thing? Find out more via The London Wonderground website.