Hackney Rising Star: Eliza Rose

Hackney born singer Eliza Rose provides fresh, old school jazz vocals with a RnB and Soul kick. Often compared to Amy Winehouse, Eliza Rose’s live performances have been turning heads in London, making this up and coming talent as one to watch. Still relatively below the radar, Eliza drew attention to herself with a slick cover of T-Pain’s Up Down. Turning the song on its head, Eliza’s cover strips the song back and fills it with the space needed for her distinctive voice. Played against laid-back bongos and a simple hip hop beat this cover sets the bar high for future releases.


Eliza Rose’s Moonshine EP is a promising taste of her potential as a new artist. Eliza sets herself apart with her lyrical dexterity; her EP is saturated with poetic lines.  are threaded with sorrow at times, “If I’m generally anything, I’m generally miserable but I guess that's what he likes”, open’s single Straight and Narrow. Her songs offer an in-depth exploration into past relationships with a rebellious undercurrent; providing a multi-layered EP that's just a dip into the talent she’s likely to unleash in the future. 

Eliza also sings with reggae band Fat Lion Hi-Fi, who’s single Pay Your Way was premiered by SBTV and championed by Giles Peterson. Along with her next solo EP she’s releasing an album with Fat Lion that’s sure to deliver. Pay Your Way performed live is precisely what lives music is about, paying homage to Reggae but with a North London edge. If you're fortunate enough to see Eliza perform live you’ll find out why this rising star is exactly the type of female artist the UK’s been waiting for.