3 Penny Opera at National Theatre

Life is shit! We get it. National Theatre presents a diabolical tale of love, destiny and treachery. Prep for lots of toe tapping numbers, swearing and one faaaaabulous transvestite. Definitely not one to bring your mum to, like this editor stupidly did. 


This new adaption by Simon Stephens based on the play originally written by Bertolt Brecht, focuses on the life and times of the ruthless yet suave Mack the Knife. The tale begins with the murderer's marriage to Polly, the daughter of a local crime boss and a supreme accountant to boot!

Rory Kinnear who played Mack, and George Ikediashi who played a number of supporting roles, were the stars of the show. Kinnear took on the persona of the two-timing playboy you can't help but love with ease, while Ikediashi vivaciously shapeshifted from narrator to pastor to prostitute.

The audience are explicitly told at the very start that the opera is on a restricted budget, this fact is upheld by the many actors and actresses building (and demolishing) intricate scenery between some of the acts. The cast has somehow managed to weave the builds into the story-line while keeping the boredom of the audience at bay. The viewers are gracefully sent into a trance by the cast's productive dance around the stage.

The play is an intriguing look at the themes of morality, class and temptation. Therefore as it is nearly a three hour play, the themes run into each other in a climactic ending, which might include a few characters you would never expect!

The play runs until October 1st, book your tickets soon before they all sell out!