OutsideLDN: 5 acts we loved at The Great Escape

After all the ruckus, the riffs, the ballads and of course the booze, The Great Escape 2016 came to a close on Sunday.

The LDN team witnessed a number of new and established bands battle it out for TGE glory. Here are our top 5 from the hectic weekend.

Danpyunsun And The Sailors

Their whole look is a trap, the team we were lead to believe the act, all donning mellow pastel shades, would lull us into a musical dream. Then a loud piercing rip with an accompanied by soaring voices. The band did whip us into a musical tizzy, but not the kind we were expecting. The band hail from South Korea, and their leader singer is a bit of a comedian which added an extra tinge of happiness to the late night gig.

Fenne Lily

We cried. We nearly wept. The seventeen year old songstress brought back nostalgia for our youth, and sordid memories of unsurer times. Although her melancholy vocals soothed our weary souls, her honesty and timid grace warmed our hearts. She spoke to the audience like we were her long lost friends.



This editor's first official gig of The Great Escape 2016. A trio of chisel faced males with harmonious beats. The band drew the short straw when it came to their venue, The Prince Albert is a gem, however it's pretty far out from the main venues. With soulful lyrics and a somewhat hypnotic instrumentals, this was not an act to miss.

New York Brass Band

A little fun for everyone, we nearly missed them as Mabel's gig at Wagner's Hall, aka the Vevo stage, overran. Pacing back to Jubilee Gardens, the notes of trombones and rhythmic tubas were carried along the air. Each cover led to a new surprise, the audience showing their comradery by gracefully singing out of tune,  homeless men dancing with some of the bystanders to some of the instrumentalists hijacking a near by balcony. You truly missed a treat!



Infectious yet delicate synth pop for the young millennial. Komedia was the perfect setting for the collective to impart their lyrical finesse on to the audience. The bemused audience were soon invoked in a frenzy of swaying limbs and dazed grins. Not bad for a 12 am gig.

Want to witness the madness that is The Great Escape? Find out about next years dates on the website.