Dawit L. Petros: The Stranger's Notebook (Prologue)

 Dawit L. Petros returns to Tiwani with The Stranger's Notebook (Prologue), his first solo exhibition at the gallery and within Europe.

One could say the life of Petros is reflected in his work. As this exhibition studies the politics and presentation of migration (a topic that has become of increased interest thanks to the recent refugee crisis) Petros can also be figured as a stranger. The artist was born in Amsara, Eritrea, studied in the US and Canada and is currently based in New York City. 

Through this multi-disciplinary exhibition, Petros challenges the dominance of Western discourse when it comes to migration. Although the exhibition's title is inspired in part by French philosopher Albert Camus homonymous novel, Petros looks closer to home for an artistic model; drawing on the 20th century travelogues written by Fesseha Giyorgis, an Abyssinian cultural figure who's work has been widely ignored by Western scholars. 

Interestingly, this exhibition is the product of Petros' year long journey from Nigeria to Morocco in 2014-2015 and eschews the topic of migration between Africa and Europe to study the less popular subject of migratory patterns within Africa. Art for this series was produced in various African cities including: Nouakchott (Mauritania), Bamako (Mali),  and Dakar (Senegal).

When: Until 25th June 2016

Where: Tiwani Contemporary Gallery, 16 Little Portland Street, W1W 8BP