Top Five Underrated Clubs in London

It's nearly the weekend, but are you bored of the same clubs and bars? Fear not, we've got you covered.

1. The Big Chill House, Kings Cross: 

Providing two floors and a great outdoor roof terrace, The Big Chill House is a cool venue with great music. From Reggae and Dancehall, to Soul, Funk, Disco and House, the range of eclectic DJs ensures there are no wallflowers in sight.

2. Bussey Building, Peckham: 

With two large dance floors and a generous smoking area, Bussey Building hosts a wide array of good nights such as Stevie Wonderland, at this south London venue. 

3. The Prince of Wales, Brixton: 

Boasting multiple floors and a large smoking area (is it bad to judge a club by how good its smoking area is?) The Prince of Wales always offers good vibes and good times. Plus Brixton is the new Shoreditch don't you know?

4. The Silver Bullet, Finsbury Park: 

A truly underrated gem, the small but lively Silver Bullet is located by Finsbury Park tube station. The club always provides pumping tunes and a great atmosphere.  

5. Rowans Bowling, Finsbury Park:
Ever tried to bowl drunk? Not strictly a club, however Rowans Bowling is so much fun that it deserves a mention. Nestled in the heart of Finsbury park, Rowans offers cheap drinks, bowling, and a dance floor with delightfully cheesy music that always fills to the brim. What more could you want on a Friday night?