London Insiders: Phoebe Kelly, Fair Intern at The Other Art Fair

 Our LDN Insiders series looks at the work and lifestyles of the figures that make up our beloved city. Our second interview in this series is with Phoebe Kelly, who currently works at The Other Art Fair.

How did you find your current job?

I sent out a number of speculative applications to groups and companies explaining why I wanted to be a part of what they did. I heard back from a few, most of the responses were to thank me for my application but explaining that they did not have a position open at the time. Then, quite unexpectedly, I got a call from Emma Warren, the Marketing Executive at The Other Fair, she explained that my speculative cover letter and a copy of my CV was passed on to her by a contact from another London Art Fair, and that was that.

Have you been interning for a while?

Since graduating in June 2015 I have been lucky enough to intern with two amazing teams. Firstly it was with The Sovereign Art Foundation in Hong Kong for 4 months, secondly it is my current home with The Other Art Fair.

Do you have any tips for anyone trying to get into the art/marketing industry?

Firstly I would say you have to really want to be a part of the industry, its hard work and long hours but if you love it and are willing to put in the work you will be rewarded tenfold. Hard work is what gets you noticed by the people that matter.

If you could only visit one London Museum for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Wow this is a hard one, but if I really had to chose it would be the V&A. They have to most amazing collections from all over the world, breath-taking exhibitions, and its always a favourite with friends and family who are over to visit.

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