Who are Lux Lisbon?

On 21st April, I had the pleasure of seeing the indie band, Lux Lisbon, perform to a sold-out crowd at Scala, ending their UK tour on a high. So just who are Lux Lisbon?

Named after (I think!) Kirsten Dunst's character from The Virgin Suicides, this four piece band have come a long way, considering that all their promotions, recording and touring is organised solely by themselves.

Their sound can be described as a potent mix of Power Pop Rock (think Fleetwood Mac, Bloc Party) and music with a conscience (think Manic Street Preachers and Billy Bragg). Lead vocals are often shared between Stuart Rook (Piano, Synths) and Charlotte Austen (Bass); their harmonies lending songs like the night's opener, Demons You Show, an almost ethereal quality.

The audience were fully engaged all-night long with songs like Devil Got Me Dancing and Your Heart is A Weapon the Size of Your Fist leading to enthusiastic dancing and clapping, while Bullingdon Club enabled people to vent their frustration at our current Tory overseers.

Halfway through the evening, the band invited the audience to become video directors; filming footage of a new track on their smartphones for an up-coming music video. The gig ended with the rousing Get Some Scars, and the promise of great things to come.

Want a listen to their music? The band are giving away their 11-track EP for FREE

Picture Attribution: Beats Surrender