Angela de la Cruz at PEER

PEER will open its beautifully renovated gallery with an exhibition by Artist Angela de la Cruz, together with two new public art commissions on Hoxton Street, in the heart of East London.

Angela de la Cruz’s show will feature her massive 10 x 12 metre painting Larger than Life , originally made for the Ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall in 1998.

De la Cruz is widely acclaimed for her emotive works, the artist works in different mediums such as painting and sculpture. De la Cruz plays with the traditional conventions of art by tearing, crushing and breaking canvases and stretchers. PEER will also exhibit new work specially commissioned for this presentation.

The new show opens on April 16th and runs until May 21st.

Two new public art commissions will also inaugurate the recently re-landscaped public space to the front of PEER. One installation will be by artist Chris Ofili, the other will be by London Fieldworks (Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson). The duo have designed a large-scale permanent installation dubbed Spontaneous City: Hoxton, made up of over 200 bird and insect boxes modelled on the social housing in the area.