Wonderdotland at National Theatre

Aly aka Alice has all the usual teenage trouble and more, the annoying baby brother, the nagging mum, awkward crushes and the schoolyard bullies. Its all slightly cliche in this 21st century retelling of Alice in Wonderland.

Similar to last year's production of Everyman, certain modern elements are added such as the internet, mobile phones and social media. Such tools are swiftly intergrated into these traditional tales of woe, luck and redemption

This glitterfied fest of youth and identity, exploits some nifty special effects onstage everything from sparkle bombs, fireworks and a copious amount of sequins and glitter. If you still in the first few rows do get ready to be covered in confetti. I wont spill any details about my favourite moment right at the very end.  Filled with viewers of all ages, the theatre oozed a certain charm once Aly bounded on stage, although frizzy haired Aly becomes unsure of her personality and her appearance a few too many encounters with online trolls, she does eventually shine with the help of a few oddball friends.

We'll be seeing it again this week! 

Rating: 4 stars for this retelling of a well loved classic.