On the Coffee Trail: Workshop Coffee at 1 Barrett Street, Marylebone

Central London is a mecca for cafés, many desperately trying to clinch onto the European café terrace label. Some succeed, some fail. Many others just try to stay in their own lane and create a unique experience, much like Workshop Coffee

Located in St. Christopher’s Place in the heart of Central London, on a little courtyard next to Oxford Street, Workshop can be easily missed if you’re not looking for it, as it’s tucked away right in the corner, masked by Pret and Apostrophe. 

It’s a wonderfully humble little store; completely stripped down to the basics. White walls all around, except for a pinboard behind the desk. The store has one run around seat, complete with tiny little corkboard tables, and one bench at the back. To say it’s minimalistic would be an understatement, but it works. 

They offer a range of pastries, and a small selection of coffees, a couple of which I have never heard of. They seem big on the rising trend of Aeropress, which as I sat enjoying my coffee, amazed a few customers who’d never seen one. Being a small café, there’s an incredibly high attention to detail, the coffee is poured as an art.

As well as being able to enjoy what they offer, they also stock a range of coffee products, such as their own blend of coffee, Aeropress kits, drip coffee kits, and other accessories. 

Overall, Workshop is a fantastic little café located in a relatively peaceful little courtyard, right in heart of London. The coffee and food is great, and the café itself being so minimalistic makes it a great place to catch up with friends without distraction. 

Where: Workshop Coffee, 1 Barrett Street, Marylebone, W1U 1AX